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Instructional Coach and Educational Zealot | Driving innovative ideas and maximizing peoples' talents to drive growth

Leveraging my 12 years of experience both as a classroom teacher and as an instructional coach, it is my mission to be an agent for change, innovation, and equity in education worldwide. I believe every child is not only entitled to but has the right to high quality education. In order to deliver this we must empower schools and teachers through on-going training, purposeful teaching tools, and support that promotes deep reflection and risk-taking.

I am passionate about building strong relationships, using coaching to empower people while using systematic processes to facilitate growth. Additionally, I love developing trainings, public speaking and developing tools for people to make what they do more streamlined, meaningful and engaging.

I'm on a mission to make sure that every child has access to high quality, innovative learning experiences and that teachers are supported in being the facilitators of this learning. During my time in public education, this goal has been my driving force as I teach children, coach teachers and actively promote this in the community. I'm ready to expand my work to make a national and worldwide impact.

I Believe in...



Working with managers, teams and individuals to streamline process, build knowledge, and increase overall effectiveness; Strong leadership skills that drive teamwork with an attention to detail and timelines


Maintaining open lines of communication with clients and teams in order to have consistent messaging, promote deeper understanding, and perpetuate collaboration; An active listener who is responsive to needs and feedback


Using the design-thinking method to collaboratively, empathetically, and strategically solve problems and come up with innovative solutions; Utilize data and feedback loops to constantly improve and evolve


Developing multifaceted, quality educational experiences that reach the needs of all learners with the goal of increasing employee buy-in, excitement, and competency; Manage high quality and well-thought out training of curriculum

My Resume

Skills, Experience & Education

Skill Sets

Skill Set


  • Develop and implement communication plans to ensure that goals and timelines are being met
  • Model life-long learning by participating in continuing education about best practices and innovations in the field
  • Build strong, lasting and trusting relationships with individuals, teams and departments
  • Direct program planning and implementation of the summer school program
  • Effectively communicate the program plan and program goals with parents, principals, teachers and other district leaders
  • Mentor coaches as they help support summer school teachers in intervention strategies
  • Develop relationships with community organizations to gather resources and enhance the program’s efficacy
  • Responsible for hiring teachers and support staff
  • Devised an efficient data collection and retrieval system tracking meeting minutes, action items, deadlines and goals
Skill Set

Innovative Problem Solving

  • Develop innovative techniques to align literacy and STEM curriculums to alleviate teacher stress and create buy-in
  • Produce, create and star in short training videos to scale learning opportunities to a wider audience
  • Utilize agile methods to discover faster, smarter and leaner ways to work
  • Created a protocol to increase communication and transparency across teams in response to the problem of teacher isolation
Skill Set


  • Direct program planning and implementation of the summer school program
  • Design, develop and deliver best-practice presentations for literacy and STEM program implementation
  • Implement a clear and consistent messaging protocol to address the need and concerns of stakeholders
  • Encourage and incite frequent feedback loops that allow for constant change and improvement
  • Invited to develop and deliver presentations about effective STEM program implementation at the CA STEM Symposium for three consecutive years
Skill Set


  • Develop data analysis tools to measure the effectiveness of program implementation strategies
  • Analyze survey data to determine methods for supporting high-performing teams
  • Coach teachers one-one-one and as teams to increase knowledge, excitement, empowerment and independence



STEM/Literacy Coach - Los Altos School District (LASD)


STEM Teacher/Coach - LASD

Summer 2017

Summer School Principal - LASD

Summer 2016

Summer School Innovation Coach - LASD


4th Grade Teacher - LASD


4th Grade Teacher- SPHDS



Master of Arts in School Administration

Notre Dame de Namur University


Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction

Notre Dame de Namur University


California State Multiple Subject Credential

Notre Dame de Namur University


DeLeT (Day School Leadership through Teaching) Fellow Certificate in Day School Teaching

Hebrew Union College


Bachelor of Science in Sociology

Santa Clara University

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Hours Coached



Kids Impacted



Teachers Helped



In Action!

lunch & learns

For the past six years I have been a part of two teams, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and literacy who have led major content, instructional, and pedagogical shifts within Los Altos School District. During this time, I effectively coached teachers and administrators through these shifts by building trusting relationships, developing and communicating a clear plan for the implementation of both the STEM and literacy program, creating and executing trainings, and designing data-based assessments to measure our success. I think my greatest asset and what has allowed me to be successful in my role is empathy. Through an empathetic lens, I always seek to understand what people will need most to navigate change. For example, the adoption of our new literacy program has been particularly challenging for teachers. It requires a lot of extra time and training to implement it effectively. An early pain-point was many teachers were resistant to attending on-going trainings or collaborating with a coach outside of school hours. Because of this, I implemented “Lunch and Learn”. This was a short twenty-five-minute training session during lunch that teachers, admin, and other coaches could attend. It addressed the need to get quality training and collaboration time within working hours and most of all, showed I valued the feedback of teachers and their time. Within the first month of implementation, 86% of the staff were attending. Not only was it a way to further the implementation of our program but it allowed different teams to meet, collaborate, and take ownership of this change. The real magic of "lunch and learn" really took shape when other members of the staff started presenting their successes and implementation strategies. A change is only successful when those who are at the heart of it are fully invested and take the steering wheel. I believe that my background in education combined with my passion for ensuring all people feel supported and confident as they navigate change, makes me an ideal candidate for your team.


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